Area Attractions

Visit Yuma and Winterhaven for some interesting area attractions.

Saint Thomas Mission

Saint Thomas Mission in Winterhaven was built on the grounds of the original mission founded by Father Garces in 1780. The Catholic Mission Church marks the enduring history of the Quechan Indian Nation and Yuma.

Yuma Territorial Prison State Park

Yuma Territorial Prison State Park, built between 1876 and 1909, served as home to many of Arizona’s most notorious criminals. Read about in literature and seen in movies and television, the remains of the prison are the most visited state historic park Arizona. The cells, main gate and guard tower remind visitors of the grimness of frontier justice.

Yuma Crossing State Historic Park

Yuma Crossing State Historic Park features the original Quartermaster Depot, authorized by Congress in 1865, an early adobe house, mule wagons, stagecoaches, a steam train, an old adobe corral and a visitor center.

Yuma Landing and the Yuma Landing Bar & Grill

Yuma Landing and the Yuma Landing Bar & Grill commemorates the first plane to land in Arizona between 1st and 3rd Streets on 4th Avenue in Yuma in 1911, with a monument and pictures of historic Yuma.

You can also take a balloon ride, go tubing on the Colorado River or even see some Yuma Community theater! If you want to visit Mexico, Sans End RV Park is just a few miles to Los Algodones and 35 minutes to San Luis Potosí.